Monday, May 31, 2010

How the madness continued: Rachel's abridged version

It all started with a spoon. Not just any spoon, mind you: a spoon that had moved out of my apartment months before. One evening when I was baking, I reached into my drawer of baking implements, and there it was.

Now normally the appearance of a spoon in a drawer could be considered perfectly ordinary. (It was a kitchen drawer, after all.) Remember, however, that this was not my spoon, and it was in a drawer that I used quite often. I should have seen it!

It was also not the first time the drawers in my apartment had spit up something that shouldn't have been there: a few days before, my bedroom drawer had jammed. I, of course, pulled it out to figure out what had happened. At the back of the drawer were hidden a purse, a pair of socks, and pajama pants--the latter in my size! (I threw out the socks and washed the others, of course.)

Fast forward to the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when a strange spoon showed up in my drawer, the second such occurrence in a week!

Toni and I had only one explanation:
My apartment must be connected to another world.

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