Sunday, April 18, 2010

How The Madness Began, Part 1: Toni's Version

Embarrassing picture of Rachel and...
wait a second, is that a figure of me she's smooshing?

Apparently Rachel has a thing for tigers. Is this why we are friends? I am, after all, Toni the Tiger. Let me recall the beginning of our friendship.

In the summer of '07, Rachel was a teacher in my Relief Society. She was new in the ward and she worked at Barnes and Noble. Of course, I gravitated toward her in hopes of getting a discount on the seventh Harry Potter book, which was coming out that July. It was a brilliant plan. In fact, I distinctly remember the first time we hung out at her apartment: we had a couple of people over to talk about HP7, particularly what we thought was going to happen and which characters were the most attractive. Rachel is to Sirius Black as Toni is to George Weasley. That I remember. Anyway, there we were, sitting around her countertop island, radiating nerdness into the atmosphere. It was totally awesome, the beginning of a beautiful friendship a la Casablanca. We got together again a few weeks later, having finished the book within hours of its release. We mourned together, laughed together, discussed literary-isms together, and BAM! Inseparabilitio! We had been cursed to be nerd-friends.

Yep, that sounds about right.

Coming soon: Part 2, Rachel's Version.
Coming not-as-soon-but-pretty-soon: Part 3, The Fortress of No Return

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