Monday, March 9, 2009

Provoking an Apostrophe

I have a prompt for Weavers this week!

...Well, it's technically not a writing prompt, just something to get us thinking.

Virginia Woolf wrote that a woman only needs money and a room of her own to be successful as a writer. Since we're starving college students, money isn't exactly an option...nor is an entirely private room. Dreaming, however, is.

Imagine (and possibly design) your ideal writing office, one that you would make if you had enough money. How big would it be? What colors would you use in it? What would you keep in it?

(I know it's silly, but consider it an exercise in establishing Sense of Place.)

1 comment:

  1. Wherever I write, the room HAS to have lots of big windows. I need to see outside for three reasons: almost nothing is more inspiring than nature, natural sunlight motivates me, and I have to take "eye breaks" by trying to see things in the distance. My left eye is really weak and tends to turn inward when I read and use the computer too much because the point of focus is so close to my face.

    Other than that, I want the room to look old as in antique. I want dark wood on the walls and floor. I want bookshelves full of my favorite stories. I want soft, ornate rugs covering the cold floor. I want an armchair to curl up in and a rocking chair--for fun. I want a baby grand piano. And a cat. When I read, I want the kitty in my lap. When I write, I want the laptop in my lap.